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Thursday, March 5, 2015

$10 trees from treekeepers - Let's plant an urban (food) forest

Treekeepers are selling fruit and landscaping trees for $10-15 each again this year.
Pick up is at local community centers.
This year, there are 3 varieties of apple (Jonafree, Honeycrisp, Spartan), 3 fig varieties, 2 plum varieties (President and Yakima prune plums), Japanese maples, magnolias and hibiscus trees.
For more information on available trees and to purchase, follow this link
When completing your purchase, enter the name of our school as your community school. It might give us a chance to win a grant.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

The annual manure sale is back!

Our popular annual manure sale is back! This year it will be held on Saturday, March 28, from 9am - 4pm in the Garibaldi Annex parking lot.

Hormone & antibiotic free, locally produced,
1.5-years-composted steer manure
Great for flowers or veggies!

Cost: $5 per 5 gallon bag or bring your own wheelbarrow before lunch and save $1/bag by taking unbagged manure!
We reward each hour of bagging help with 1 free bag.
Refreshments, light lunch and babysitting provided.

Manure is sourced from Hopcott Farms in Pitt Meadows.

Order here:
Sign-up to help here:
(Just enter your name into any time slot that works for you)

Alternately, you can order manure or sign-up to volunteer by e-mailing

Please, spread the word, put in your and your family's and friends' orders and come out and help us bag!
All the proceeds will go towards the Garibaldi Annex and AR Lord PAC funds to benefit our children.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Reminder!!! Garibaldi Annex - Hastings Sunrise Cook(s) Book update

Calling Volunteers!  Please come to the 1st meeting

So far we have 3 new volunteers!  These volunteers came forward for Graphic Design and Soliciting Restaurants and planning!  We still need more help!

Come out to find out more about the project:
First meeting February 3rd 2015!  7:00 p.m.
Please RSVP your attendance if possible

2510 Parker St., Vancouver, BC
Email Kate:

Here's a first go at laying out the possible concept, but this will be discussed at Tuesday's meeting:

Hasting Sunrise Cook (s) book

Vision:  Inspire Hastings Sunrise to find about the “small school with the big heart” and engage our community in becoming Garibaldi advocates and promoting “good, local” food.

What: A cookbook featuring Hastings Sunrise restaurant recipes along with features from the Hastings Sunrise community.

Why:  It will instill a sense of pride, togetherness and understanding about Garibaldi and the greater Hastings Sunrise community.

How: The cookbook with feature recipes from participating restaurants, tips for urban gardening with a focus on child friendly foods and activities.

When:  Timeline February until May 2015

Format:  The cookbook will be available in print and possible online content.  

Fundraising goal:  minimum $7000 to Garibaldi Annex or 50% to Garibaldi and 50% to a Hastings Sunrise foundation for good, local food fund or similar or, to be provided to neighbouring schools for sustainable food development.
Promotion:  Local eateries, local media,  Tourism Vancouver, Vancouver foodie tours, MLA and MP, neighbourhood schools within the Hastings Sunrise Catchment.  

Budget: TBD

Printing, binding:

Outcomes: Awareness builder for Garibaldi Annex, community engagement, driver of enrollment, food awareness, food growing…

Design:  The cookbook will have a grassroots feel, what makes the Hastings Sunrise community unique.  The book will feature inspired recipes from local eateries that would appeal to children, have a story or East Van roots.  The book will look like our community in the raw, but will appeal to those living outside the Hastings Sunrise neighbourhood. This will make a great gift for those food enthusiasts, your friends and family in or outside the community.  It will be a great story about why our community is so amazing.


Diner en Blanc at Garibaldi featuring greater community including restaurants, entertainment and families that represent the Garibaldi community.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Raspberry and fruit tree pruning workshop at Garibaldi, Jan 30

Come and learn the basics of how to prune your fruit trees, twice-bearing raspberries and grape vines.
We will meet at 2pm at the Garibaldi school garden. If you have a pair small pruning scissors and want to practice, bring them with you.
Time permitting, I will also talk about some newly arrived berry crop pests and how to protect your berries.
Bring any questions you might have - I will try to answer them.

See you on Friday,

Jana Ronne (Julian and Maja's mom)

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Call out for volunteers: Garibaldi Annex is cooking East Van style

Garibaldi PAC is going to sizzle this spring.  We are embarking on a fundraising, community engagement project, to build awareness of the small school with a big heart!

We need your help with our latest community project - the Hasting Sunrise Neighbourhood Cookbook.  Complete with recipes from your favourite eateries with neighbourhood contributors.

You don't have to be a genius in layout or design.  Here's the various positions we are recruiting for:

  • Parent and student participation
  • Photography
  • Sales & Distribution
  • Community engagement
  • Accounting/Book Keeping
  • Sourcing donations of time and money (i.e. printing services)
  • Event coordination
  • Any other way you'd like to help!!!

    You don't need to have expertise in these areas, just a desire to help spread the word about Garibaldi to promote the school!  

    We are seeking a small committee to meet bi-monthly to create a cookbook that we would be able to launch no later than May (even sooner if that is feasible). 

    This is supposed to be fun and a memorable experience for our school and greater community. 

    Go East Van!

    If you would like to participate, please contact Kate Mulligan who will project lead at 

    Go Garibaldi Go!

    Monday, January 19, 2015

    PAC Meeting - Wednesday, January 21st at 6pm

    Please join us for our next PAC Meeting this Wednesday, January 21st at 6pm in the school library.  The minutes from our December PAC meeting are below the agenda if you would like to review them before the meeting.

    We will be discussing the upcoming follow-up meeting with Denise Johnson, Board of Education.  She was present at the meeting at Lord Nelson with the Associate Superintendent, Scott Robinson.  Some PAC Executive members will be meeting with her on January 22nd.


    1. Welcome

    2. Adopt previous meeting minutes

    3. VP Report - Lorraine Baker

    4. Financial Report

    5. Committees
            - Kitchen
            - Garden
            - Movie Night
            - Fundraising & Grants
            - Sustainability
            - Activities

    6. Spending Requests & Allocations

    7. Other Business - Discuss Thursday, January 22nd meeting with Denise Johnson, Board of Education

    8. Next Meeting - February 11, 2015

    9. Adjourn

    Minutes of Garibaldi PAC Meeting – December 3rd, 2014

Lorraine Baker
PAC Executive (4)
General PAC Members (2) 
    Metta Hamaguchi, Lord Nelson Principal
    Margie Trovao, Lord Nelson Vice Principal


    Welcome; Adopt previous meeting minutes
    VP Report
    Special guest report Metta Hamaguchi and Margie Tovao, Lord Nelson Principal and Vice-Principal
    Financial Report
    Committee Reports
    Spending Requests
    Other Business
    Next Meeting

    Welcome and Approval of Minutes 
    Welcome to Metta and Margie from Lord Nelson
    Minutes adopted; Sandra move to adopt November minutes. 

    VP Updates: Lorraine Baker
    Thanks from Lorraine for care from everyone regarding her injury
    Since last meeting: 
    Mobile Dairy visit with 6 day old calf; children learned about where milk comes from 4H presenter
    School photos taken (date of photo re-takes to be confirmed)
    Library barcodes
    Children performed at Lord Nelson for Remembrance Day – very special and thank you to Lord Nelson for the invitation
    November 28th Pro D Day – afternoon spent on school growth goals; morning spent on iPad            learning cart – use of iPads, apps (e-books, embedding video, etc) and how to enrich and extend these tools
    Audrey Von Alsten has volunteered to come to school to meet with parents to learn about how to use these resources
    At Lord Nelson, Metta and Margie work very closely with iPads and it has been very successful with high student engagement
    “Snow Rules” – reiterated policy 
    Pedestrian safety – Constable from VPD did a presentation on pedestrian safety 
    School administration asked to look around for “attractive nuisances” for children after a child fell off a school roof on a weekend; the school was found partially responsible
    Security buzzer installation for Board employees – North exit by bike racks
    Ms. Rosati – Dec. 5 is Ms. Rosati’s last day. ToC will fill post until January. Closing date for maternity leave posting was Dec. 1st – 8 applications.
    - End of VP Updates

    Special Guest report – Metta Hamaguchi and Margie Tovao, Lord Nelson
    Sandra invited Metta and Margie to say a few words. Garibaldi is the annex of Lord Nelson and most children at Garibaldi transition to Lord Nelson for Grade 5
    Metta and Margie shared Lord Nelson’s Code of Conduct and School Handbook
    Metta invited interested parents to come to Lord Nelson events - January 20th Kindergarten night and January 26th presentation from parent/neuroscientisist on how children learn
    For children transitioning to Lord Nelson, there is a school tour for the kids scheduled for sometime in May. Parents are welcome to attend with their kids
    If you have a child with a special need, there is additional support available from Lord Nelson resource teachers in assist in making the Garibaldi – Lord Nelson transition a smooth one

    Financial Report
    Lisa presented financial updates and the Draft Budget
    2 accounts: $2486.16 (Savings); $3136.65 (Gaming)
    Budget for year - $7348 to fund a year’s activities
    Healthy financial balance; the fundraising goal is to shoot for an additional $3500 (eg. Movie nights, manure sale, popcorn and bake sales, other fundraising TBD by fundraising committee)
    Some activities have already been paid for (eg. Teacher allocations for consumables, tennis, Pumpkin Patch)
    Teachers have been asked to price out their Wish List items
    The Draft Budget can by passed to next year’s PAC – thanks to Lisa and Sandra 
    Move to accept Draft Budget – Lisa moved; Angela accepted.

    Committee Reports
    No spending requests at this time. The Kitchen Committee will put together a Wish List for items for kitchen; Lisa will spread the word about the upcoming hot lunch
    Movie Night Committee:
    Next movie night: January 28th – to be confirmed

    Garden Committee:
    Nothing to report; everything is frozen 

    Kitchen Committee: 
    Hot lunch planned for December 5th
    Bake sale planned during holiday concert (afternoon and evening) on December 17th

    Sandra suggest organizing a PAC fundraising committee meeting for January to discuss options

    Clothing and boot swap went very well

    Other Business
    MuseWest – two music concerts are organized for Spring term; first one is January 14th; honorarium for performers approved at previous PAC meeting
    District PAC representative – Angela is looking for someone who can represent Garibaldi at the DPAC meetings. Meetings are weekday evenings. Angela will let us know and we can try to make sure that we have a representative attend
    Meeting with VSB’s Scott Robinson on December 2nd. As follow-up, Ann-Marie will collate the key messages from the meeting so that we can send the summary to the Board and also relay the message back to the parent community

     Meeting Adjourned

    Next meeting: January 14th at 6pm

    Tuesday, December 2, 2014

    PAC MEETING AGENDA for Wed. Dec 3, 2014 at 6pm

    Below you will find the agenda for today's PAC Meeting at 6pm.  It will be held in the staff room or the library.  Child care provided in the gym.  I apologize for the delay in getting it out!

    Thank you to everyone who came out last night to the meeting with Scott Robinson, Associate Superintendent.

      ~ Angela Wong-Moon


    1. Welcome

    2. Adopt previous meeting minutes

    3. VP Report - Lorraine may not be there if she isn't feeling well

    4. Financial Report

    5. Committees
            - Kitchen
            - Garden
            - Movie Night
            - Fundraising & Grants
            - Sustainability
            - Activities

    6. Spending Requests & Allocations

    7. Other Business - Talk about choosing a DPAC Representative

    8. Next Meeting - January 2015

    9. Adjourn

    Tuesday, November 25, 2014

    ** IMPORTANT MEETING - Tuesday, December 2nd from 6 - 7:30pm **

    Please come out and show your support for Garibaldi Annex!!

    The PAC has arranged a meeting with Scott Robinson, Associate Superintendent, Vancouver Board of Education so that parents can ask questions about the recent changes to the school and how they envision the future of Garibaldi Annex.  We really feel the need to assure families that Garibaldi is not slated for closure.  The rumours are still circulating which strongly affects our enrolment.

    It is taking place on Tuesday, December 2nd at LORD NELSON's library from 6-7:30pm. Childcare will be provided.

    If you have a pressing question, please let us know ahead of time so we can make sure we have time to answer it.  You can tell a PAC member or there is a poster board up at the school along the wall by Mrs. Rosatti's classroom for you to write your questions down.


    Thursday, November 20, 2014

    FREE Parent Presentation on Technology and Parenting at AR Lord

    December 8th 6:30-8:30 p.m. in the Dr. A.R. Lord Elementary Library

    FREE Parent Presentation on Technology and Parenting

    Alexandra Wilson works with the School Age Children and Youth (SACY) prevention initiative, a partnership between Vancouver Coastal Health and the Vancouver School Board. SACY works to support families, students and school communities to support youth in making healthy decisions in all areas of their lives.

    As children move into the pre-teen and teen years, their changing minds and bodies can impact all areas of life. What does this have to do with technology? With parenting? Come out and explore how development, parenting, and technology can work together. We’ll discuss:
    ·   What’s going on with technology use? How much is too much?
    ·   What does a balanced lifestyle look like for teens? For parents?
    ·   Having the conversation with youth

    PLEASE RSVP to to reserve a space. Seating is limited.

    Wednesday, November 19, 2014

    Living Christmas trees from TreeKeeper

    Are you dreaming of a Green Christmas? Make it happen by buying a living TreeKeepers Holiday Tree.

    They have four species:

    'Rainbow's End ' White Spruce | 5-gallon | $15
    'Baby Blue' Colorado Spruce | 5-gallon | $15
    Douglas-fir | 5-gallon | $15
    Norway Spruce | 10-gallon | $30

    You must pre-order your tree through their website, then tell them where/when you would like to pick it up:
    Saturday, Dec. 6, 10-11:30am, Kitsilano Community Centre
    Sunday, Dec. 14, 10-11:30am, Trout Lake Community Centre

    These are outdoor trees you may bring inside to decorate for the festivities. Just don't leave them in a warm room for too long or they're break dormancy and start to put on new growth that won't be happy once you return them to the cold. More info here on indoor tree care.

    After the holidays, plant your Holiday Tree outside in the yard or a balcony container. (More info on the tree species and sizes can be found on our website).

    If you lack space for an evergreen at home, consider buying a native tree and planting it with the TreeKeepers in a New Year Planting Party in a beautiful urban forest.

    Please share this with family and friends and thanks for helping grow the urban forest. Have a wonderful holiday season!