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Monday, October 6, 2014

PAC MEETING/EXECUTIVE ELECTIONS - Wednesday, October 8th at 6pm

PLEASE JOIN US this Wednesday, October 8th at 6pm in the school for our first Parent Advisory Council Meeting.

During this first PAC Meeting, we will hold the Annual General Meeting and the PAC Executive Elections for the 2014/15 school year.

Your support is appreciated so we hope to see you there!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Hastings Park Farmer's Market at the PNE

The 10-week trial market starts Sunday October 5th and will feature a broad line-up of many of your favourite summer vendors with a great selection of local winter produce; fish, meat & dairy; artisan prepared foods, baking and treats; the best in local crafts, and of course, hot food trucks.

Treekepers fun day at Trout lake Saturday 27, 9-noon

All TreeKeeper Day activities are free (except for tree sales): 
9-12 -- Tree Pickup (for pre-ordered trees) and $10 Tree Sales (various species)
Get a tree!
What's available?
Calycanthus florida: Carolina Allspice
Acer circinatum: Vine maple
Red Cameo Apple
  10-11 -- Walking Tree Tour
Ace arborist Sylvain Martel will lead a walking tour of the trees around Trout Lake.
This whole neighborhood was once a mature coastal Western hemlock forest, which was logged to accommodate development. Later the bog was drained because of the continuous threat of peat fires. Maple, oaks, willows, poplar and other deciduous species are now featured.

11-11:30-- Vancouver PoetTree planting

11:30-12 -- Conkers Contest

 If you don't know what a conkers contest is, you could google it, or visit the official home of the World Conker Championships...or just come to Trout Lake and we'll show you. Note that it involves intrigue, strategy and horse chestnuts, and no trees (or people) get harmed in the process.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Shane Simpson Meeting moved to Kiwassa

Hello neighbours,

NEW MEETING VENUE: I’m pleased to hear that both sides in the education dispute seem to have reached a tentative deal. Since many of you may have further questions, I’m moving forward with tonight’s Back to School meeting as planned. I’ve moved the location to Kiwassa Neighbourhood House, 2425 Oxford St., to accommodate more people. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Shane Simpson | MLA Vancouver Hastings
2365 E. Hastings St. Vancouver BC V5L 1V6 |604-775-2277 | 

Friday, September 12, 2014

Coquitlam principal talks budget number trends over the years

****Principal's letter ******

I wonder what those numbers are like for Garibaldi and the other neighbouring schools...

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Free triathlon clinic at Templeton pool this Sunday 9:30 -12

FREE TRIATHLON CLINIC FOR AGES 6 to 12 (may accept some 5 yr olds) 
9:30-12noon at Templeton Park and CC
We are hosting an NCCP Coaching Course for teaching youth triathlon September 13-14.
The coaches design special activities and practice implementing them with athletes.
We need 20-30 athletes to come test out their ideas and learn some “cool” new tri skills!
E-mail Kristine at (you will fill out a day-of-event registration on the 14th).  Arrive 15-20 min. early to do this, thank you!!
Bike, helmet, running shoes, outdoor clothing (extra change recommended), snack, water, and lots of energy!!
*Note there is no swimming component.
*The clinic will end with a special activity and prizes.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Hastings-Sunrise MLA is hosting a School strike meeting for constituents

Hello neighbours,

I’m holding a special meeting for constituents of Vancouver-Hastings to discuss the education dispute. Please let me know by  email if you’re coming, so that I can arrange some light refreshments. Special thanks to Carol Wood for organizing the meeting space.

When: Tuesday, September 16, 7-9pm
Where: Common Room, 2320 Franklin Street



Shane Simpson | MLA Vancouver Hastings
2365 E. Hastings St. Vancouver BC V5L 1V6 |604-775-2277 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Raspberry pruning workshop and summer garden clean up this Saturday

Our second crop of raspberries is starting to ripen and so it is high time that we prune out the old canes that gave us an amazing first crop in June and July! I will be in the garden to show all interested how this is done on Saturday, August 23 at 10:30am. I will also tell you how to prune the second crop canes during winter.

The garden is looking great and some of our watering crews have been doing some ongoing maintenance. Thank you all!

There is still some trimming and tidying up that should be done though, so if you feel like hanging around for half an hour after the raspberry pruning workshop (which will take about 5-10 min), your help would be greatly appreciated!

Sadly, the garden has been experiencing repeated vandalism this summer. Please, if you see any untoward activity around the school, call either the non-emergency police line at 604-717-3321 or if the activity warrants it (it is active vandalism or illegal activity) call 911.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Cucumbers and beans in full swing in the Garibaldi garden

It was my pleasure this week to help watering the garden and it was really great seeing our families and neighbours coming in for some raspberries and peas!

There are still a few peas and raspberries but picking is slim at the moment. There will be more Raspberries in about 3 weeks when the next crop starts coming in:)

Right now, our cucumbers and beans are rocking some great fruit! Come and have some! They are growing in the "Dogwood flower" bed on the tripods.

Chard, kale and lots of herbs and flowers are also available for picking. Some lettuces as well.


P.S. I am hoping to get together some helpers to do about an hours work of garden maintenance around Aug 16. I will be sending out a notice about it closer to the date. I will also be demonstrating how to prune twice-bearing raspberries.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Thanks from the Food Bank!

We have harvested and dropped off some peas, lettuces and chard at the Food Bank on Monday. Thank you to all who are helping to make food grow!

Keep harvesting and sharing with our neighbours!