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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Soaring Eagle Nature school summer camps

*NEW* Overnight Wilderness Adventure Camp (Gambier Island)

Our first overnight summer camp! Take the water taxi over to Gambier Island for a wilder setting with access to the ocean, forest, campfires and totally new and exciting territory! Staff are very excited for this camp. Don't miss out! Ages: 10 to 15 years. Cost: $560 - $660. Dates: August 11-15. Register now!

Forest Camp

A full day of wander, adventure and exploration in the forest. Ages: 6 to 12 years. Cost: $215. Time: 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.

Ninja Camp / Advanced Camp

For previous participants of our five-day camp. Heighten your senses and learn to move like a ninja through the forest. Ages: 9 to 14 years. Cost: $215. Time: 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.

Ocean and Forest Camp

Explore both the ocean shores and the forests in this awesome, full-day adventure camp. Ages: 6 to 12 years. Cost: $215. Time: 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.

Young Sprouts Camp

For little ones who love adventure and getting dirty, but aren't quite ready for a full day.
Ages: 4 to 6 years. Cost: $165. Time: 9:00 am to 1:00 pm.
  • June 30 - July 4, Pacific Spirit Park, Forest Camp Register now!
  • August 18-22, Acadia Park, Ocean and Forest Camp Register now!

Teen Camp

Learn to survive and thrive in the forests of BC's coastal forests with skills such as: friction fire, shelter building, navigation, shelter building, knife skills and what to do if you loose your backpack! Ages: 14 and up. Cost: $215. Time: 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.


Why should kids have all the fun?


Hey adults! Want to challenge yourself, learn some amazing skills and live in the wild? This five-day course set in the Elaho Valley (Squamish) with expert facilitators is just for you. Register today!

Friday, April 11, 2014

This Wednesday: The Sexplainer

On Wednesday, April 16th from 7:00-8:45pm at the Hastings Library private room, the Garibaldi PAC is pleased to be hosting Marnie Goldenberg, The Sexplainer.  

This is an evening for parents to listen to how you can ensure having sexually intelligent children.  Marnie will speak for just over an hour and then take any questions parents have.  This is a paragraph from Marnie's website which gives you a brief summary of her background.  If you want more information about her and what she will speak on, visit her website: and go to Sexplainer Services and then Salons and Workshops for Parents.

"I was raised by sex-positive parents and it has served me well. Though I trained as a lawyer, I’ve always preferred to use my skills for house buying and arguing for fun. I worked as a sexual health educator for Planned Parenthood of Toronto for several years, and since then, when not working in senior leadership roles in the voluntary sector, I take every opportunity to talk about sex to anyone who will listen.  I was trained by Options for Sexual Health in their comprehensive Sexual Health Educators Certification Program."
Please join us and feel free to bring a friend!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Minutes of Garibaldi PAC Meeting – February 26th, 2014

Minutes of Garibaldi PAC Meeting – February 26th, 2014

Lorraine Baker
PAC Board (3)
General PAC Members (3) including 1 Home Learner Parent

1.     Update from our school VP;
  • Gymnastics a huge hit with the kids, thanks to Lord Nelson for the loan of the mats
  • Pink Day and trip to VSO a success
  • Home Learners raised $127 for the SPCA from their cupcake sale  
  • “Ready, Set, Learn” pre-school introduction spearheaded by Laura Moino, connects kids to Garibaldi community
  • Literacy Event was really positive, but not well-attended. Lorraine would like to invite her back, perhaps for an evening session
  • District/ministry-wide updates:
  • new piece of curriculum mandated to be in place next year, regarding food and sale of food in schools (Lisa will research website to find out what this entails, re: food safety and implications)
  • Curriculum changes – move away from ‘content’ to ‘concepts’ – lends itself to more project-based learning

  • Question about kindergarten registration – approx. 15-16 registered, taking crossboundary applications for waitlist

2.     Committee Update

Movie Night Committee:
  • Dance instead of movie in February
  • Raised $261.85
  • Great time for everyone. HUGE thanks to Wade, Joanna and everyone who helped out for making it a success.
Garden Committee:
  • Manure sale March 8th
  • Garden signs will be coordinated with the tree planting – to be announced when the ground warms up.
  • Hanging basket sale – notice and flyers will be distributed (Canceled)
  • Selected for $2500 Hastings Track fundraiser grant along with Hastings Elementary. Thanks Julie for applying. Details to be sorted out. Julie will update us with more information as it becomes available
  • Fundraising committee will help brainstorm ideas of how to raise additional money at the event
  • Hot lunch coming March 6th! (Hopefully will host 2 or 3 more by the end of the year)

3.     Financial Update and Budget
  • Updates: PAC - Savings $4414.87; Gaming - $1484.86
  • Cameras purchased - $650 spent for 9 cameras ($709.33 with tax)
  • Both accounts charged monthly fee of $3.75 on Feb. 3rd.
  • $25 taken out of petty cash for PAC meeting babysitter
  • No other issues to be approved.

4.     New Business/ PAC Activities
Question about time allowed for kids to eat lunch. How does it work?
    • Lorraine Baker – children allowed to eat outside when weather permits (eg. Early Fall/Spring)
    • K/1’s get 30 minutes to eat. Other grades get 25 minutes to eat. Usually kids are outside by 12:30. Kids who haven’t finished our encouraged to sit on the benches to finish
    • Lorraine will give an update in the newsletter so parents know how to encourage their kids to eat on the bench if they are having a challenge eating their lunches during the allotted time.
Home Learner Update – Eventful couple of weeks. Joanna and Lilia really appreciated the support from parents. Home Learners parents and children expressed mixed feelings about the move.
    • Joanna raised the concern that since the Home Learners saved Garibaldi, this might impact Garibaldi’s future. But Joanna heard from the VSB representative Scott Robinson that this is not on the agenda and he has had no discussions on closing Garibaldi.
    • Decision from Home Learner parents: “Let’s just do what’s best for everyone”
Class photos – When should class photos be taken? Can they be taken with the individual photos at the beginning of the year? Need to follow-up so we can have someone come back in September when we are booking photographers for this year.

5.     Next PAC meeting

April 9th, 2014 at 6pm

Monday, April 7, 2014

PAC Meeting Wed April 9th @6pm

Garibaldi Annex Parent Advisory Council (PAC) Meeting Agenda

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

6 pm  - Staff Room (free child care available in the gym)

  1. Welcome Members; Joel Ronne, PAC Co-Chair (5 min)
  2. Agenda Additions/ Adopt previous minutes (5 min)
  3. Update from our school VP; Lorraine Baker (15 min)
  4. VSB/Sibling and Boundary Review; Joel (5 min)
  5. Committee Update; Joel Ronne (10 min)
    1. Movie Night
    2. Fundraising
      • Hastings Track Day
      • Bike Rally Grant
    3. Garden
    4. Other
  6. Financial Update and Budget; Angela Wong-Moon (15 min)
    1. Fund requests
  7. New Business/ PAC Activities
  8. Next PAC meeting May 14th @6:00pm
  9. Adjournment at 7:30 pm

Thursday, April 3, 2014

VSB Open House for School Catchment Consultations

VSB staff will be hosting OPEN HOUSES to consult with school communities regarding School Attendance Patterns and their impact on school catchments.

OPEN HOUSES are scheduled for:

Monday, April 14, between 7:00-8:30 pm at Nelson Elementary School 
Tuesday, April 22, between 3:30-5:00 pm at Secord Elementary School

School Consultations regarding Enrollment patterns and Catchment alignment

The Vancouver Board of Education would like input from school communities as they review catchment areas for schools located in the North East** sector of Vancouver.

One recommendation of the VSB Sectorial Review (2012) is to align school boundaries with the enrollment choices that families are already making. This review examines where students attend school relative to where they reside. After looking at these patterns and receiving input from the school communities, adjustments to school catchments may be made to reflect the enrollment patterns that already exist. Any changes that may occur would not affect families already enrolled. These families would remain at their chosen school.

**School catchments that may be impacted include:

Elementary: Begbie, Britannia, Garibaldi, Grandview, Hastings, Lord, MacDonald, Nelson, Secord, Queen Victoria

Secondary: Britannia and Templeton

Friday, March 14, 2014

Upcoming Documentary: Angry Kids & Stressed Out Parents

The documentary follows children and parents enrolled in groundbreaking 
early childhood interventions that are currently being used or piloted 
in various parts of Canada -- at home, in school and in the community 
-- to help children (especially those at-risk because of Adverse 
Experiences) master the skills they need to be successful later in life.

Two school programs (one preschool, one elementary) in particular are 
focussed on in the doc.

These early intervention programs are evidence-based, and provide a 
return on investment that will not only help these children now, and 
help them avoid future troubles, but also save on societal costs down 
the road.

"Angry Kids & Stressed Out Parents" will debut on CBC Television's Doc 
Zone on Thursday, March 27th at 9pm in most of Canada (9:30 in 
Newfoundland & Labrador).

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Fruit and landscaping trees for your yard or boulevard for $10 through a Greenest city Treekeepers program

Does your boulevard, backyard or front yard need more trees?
You could purchase them for $10 each by visiting the Treekeepers  Greenest City 2020 website.

 If you identify yourself as being part of Garibaldi Annex school community, you could help us receive a farther greening $500 grant:)

Cheers and happy sunny Sunday!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

A.R. Lord fundraiser raffle - draw March 13

Dr. A. R. Lord Elementary School Presents
Prize #1:  FAMILY FUN Package, value $380
  • shopping spree for 6 video games from Electronic Arts
  • gift cards from Fresh Slice Pizza
Prize #2:  DINNER AT HOME Package, value $275
  • Steam Tea House tea package
  • Black Rook Bakehouse gift certificate
  • Rio Friendly Meats gift certificates
  • Wheelhouse Seafood & Specialty Meats gift certificate
  • 2 bottles of Rovitti extra-virgin olive oil
  • Choices Markets gift card
  • Choices Markets recipe books
  • Rival electric fondue pot
  • 14 piece BBQ tool set
Prize #3:  DINING IN THE ‘HOOD Package, value $205
  • Laughing Bean Coffee Co. gift card
  • Tacofino Commissary gift certificate
  • The Slocan gift certificate
  • BierCraft gift card
  • Roundel Cafe gift certificate
  • Tamam: Fine Palestinian Cuisine gift certificate

Choose the prize you’d like to win, mark the number on your tickets.  Tickets are $5 ea or 3 for $10.
Draw date: Thursday, March 13, winners will be notified by phone/email.
To purchase tickets, call 604.713.4620  or email

Friday, March 7, 2014

We have received reports of Pinworms at Garibaldi.
The eggs can live for up to Three weeks.

Attached is some information about what they are and how to deal with them.

Perhaps you cold circulate this to your parents community.

Lorraine Baker
VP Garibaldi
       Home Learners

The most-visited site
devoted to children's
health and development


Pinworm is an intestinal infection caused by tiny parasitic worms. One of the most common roundworm infections, pinworm infections affect millions of people each year, particularly schoolkids.
But if your child develops a pinworm infection, don't worry. Pinworms don't cause any harm (just itching), and it won't take long to get rid of them. And people who have pinworms aren't dirty — kids can get pinworms no matter how often they take a bath.

How Pinworm Infections Spread

Pinworm infections (also known as "seatworm infection," "threadworm infection," "enterobiasis," or "oxyuriasis") are contagious.

People become infected by unknowingly ingesting microscopic pinworm eggs that can be found on contaminated hands and surfaces, such as:
  • bed linens
  • towels
  • clothing (especially underwear and pajamas)
  • toilets
  • bathroom fixtures
  • food
  • drinking glasses
  • eating utensils
  • toys
  • kitchen counters
  • desks or lunch tables at school
  • sandboxes
The eggs pass into the digestive system and hatch in the small intestine. From the small intestine, pinworm larvae continue their journey to the large intestine, where they live as parasites — their heads attached to the inside wall of the bowel.
About 1 to 2 months after a person acquires the pinworm eggs, adult female pinworms begin migrating from the large intestine to the area around the rectum. There, they will lay new pinworm eggs, which trigger itching around the rectum.
When someone scratches the itchy area, microscopic pinworm eggs are transferred to their fingers. Contaminated fingers can then carry pinworm eggs to the mouth, where they are reingested, or to various surfaces, where they can live for 2 to 3 weeks.
If you're wondering if your family pet could give your child a pinworm infection, it can't. Pinworms don't come from animals.

Signs and Symptoms

Often, someone can have a pinworm infection without having any symptoms. When symptoms are present, the most common one is itching around the rectum and restless sleep. The itching is usually worse at night and is caused by worms migrating to the area around the rectum to lay their eggs. In girls, pinworm infection can spread to the vagina and cause a vaginal discharge. If the itching leads to broken skin, it can also become a secondary bacterial skin infection.
If your child has a pinworm infection, you can see worms in the anal region, especially if you look about 2 or 3 hours after your child has fallen asleep. You might also see the worms in the toilet after he or she goes to the bathroom. They look like tiny pieces of white thread and are really small — about as long as a staple. You might also see them on your child's underwear in the morning.
Abdominal pain and nausea are less common symptoms but can occur if there is a high population of pinworms in the intestines.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Your doctor may ask you to help make the diagnosis of pinworm by placing a sticky piece of clear cellophane tape against your child's rectum. Pinworm eggs will stick to the tape and can be seen under a microscope in a laboratory. The best time to take a sample of eggs using tape is at night or in the morning before a bath (this is when there is the highest concentration of pinworm activity around the rectum). The doctor might also take some samples from under a child's fingernails to look for eggs.
If your child has a pinworm infection, the doctor may prescribe an antiworm medication that is given in one dose and repeated in 2 weeks. The doctor may decide to treat the entire family, especially if it is a recurrent infection.
Although medicine takes care of the worm infection, the itching may last about a week after medicine is taken. So the doctor may also give your child a cream or other medication to help stop the itching.
Frequent hand washing and routine household cleaning measures (including frequent changing of underwear, and washing everyone's pajamas and bed linens) also will help reduce the spread of pinworm infection to the family.

When to Call the Doctor

Call the doctor if your child complains of an itchiness or he or she always seems to be scratching the anal or vaginal area.
Also ask about whether pinworms could be to blame if your child has trouble sleeping or has begun to wet the bed. (Pinworms can irritate the urethra — the channel through which urine leaves the bladder and exits the body — and lead to bedwetting.)


Here are a few ways to prevent pinworm infections in your family:
  • Remind kids to wash their hands often, especially after using the toilet, after playing outside, and before eating.
  • Make sure your kids shower or bathe every day and change underwear daily.
  • Keep kids' fingernails short and clean.
  • Tell kids not to scratch around their bottom or bite their nails.
  • Wash your kids' pajamas every few days.
Remember that pinworms are quite common among kids and aren't harmful. By taking a short course of medication and following some prevention tips, you'll be rid of the worms in no time.
Reviewed by: Yamini Durani, MD
Date reviewed: May 2011
Note: All information on KidsHealth® is for educational purposes only. For specific medical advice, diagnoses, and treatment, consult your doctor.
© 1995- The Nemours Foundation. All rights reserved.
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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Manure sale next Saturday!

The extended weather forecast says we will have a good weather!
Please, come and help us bag up the manure. Most help is needed between 10am and 2pm. Please, let Kerry know that you can help or e-mail me at Childcare and snacks/lunch are provided.

Please, spread the word of our sale to all your neighbours and if they need delivery, let them pre-order their bags at through link

******* Order Form ********

 Thanks for your help! All of the proceeds go towards Garibaldi programming.